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Oakland Health has been one of Southeast Michigan’s most trusted full-service health care providers for more than 15 years.

Whether it’s due to injury, illness or aging, Oakland Health helps customers live safely and independently in the comfort of their home for as long as possible, giving family members a much needed break from caregiving responsibilities.

Our Services

Oakland Health In-Home Care Services

Our team is entirely comprised of highly trained clinicians who work with families and communities to create a personalized care plan for our customers, resulting in outstanding outcomes.

What Can Oakland Health Do For You?

Oakland Health walks alongside our customers throughout the various stages of their lives to assist with their needs. We cover an array of health care services spanning all levels of intensity and care. Families can count on us to monitor needs and adapt to customers’ changing physical conditions as well as transitions throughout their lives.

Our focus is to help customers maintain maximum independence for as long as possible. We have a complete, experienced interdisciplinary team to assist customers during times of illness, chronic disease or with normal age related conditions.  We know from experience that our coordinated effort towards care translates to better outcomes and quality of life, and that is what makes Oakland Health the best choice for our customers.

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Discover the quality care 15 years of experience provides.

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